Procurement Plan - Completed

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Completed Procurements:

Package Name Package Code Sub Category Proc. Method Amount
PWD-Construction of percolation pond with recharge shaft near main building ../TN/TN1G01/146 Refurbishment works Shopping 495,913.00
PWD-Construction of percolation pond with recharge shaft near rear side of Mechanical department ../TN/TN1G01/147 Refurbishment works Shopping 495,814.00
PWD-Construction of percolation pond with recharge shaft near rear side of girls hostel building ../TN/TN1G01/145 Refurbishment works Shopping 496,009.00
Anna University Edusat SIT Facility ../TN/TN1G01/166 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 500,000.00
Civil - soil Lab - IS Sieves ../TN/TN1G01/66 Equipment Shopping 63,548.00
Civil - Concrete Lab - Fully Automatic Compression Tester ../TN/TN1G01/57 Equipment Shopping 999,013.00
Civil - Concrete Lab - Profometer 5+ ../TN/TN1G01/60 Equipment Shopping 351,000.00
Civil - Concrete Lab - PUNDIT LAB ../TN/TN1G01/59 Equipment Shopping 330,750.00
Civil - Concrete Lab - Silver Schmidst (digital) Concrete test hammer ../TN/TN1G01/58 Equipment Shopping 240,750.00
Civil - Concrete Lab - Weighing Balance 20kg capacity ../TN/TN1G01/61 Equipment Shopping 28,035.00
civil - soil Lab - Electronic Weighing Balance 1kg capacity ../TN/TN1G01/69 Equipment Shopping 62,475.00
Civil - soil Lab - Motorised Sieve Shaker ../TN/TN1G01/65 Equipment Shopping 86,448.00
Civil - Soil Lab - Sample Extractor ../TN/TN1G01/63 Equipment Shopping 178,620.00
Civil- Soil Lab - Direct Shear Apparatus ../TN/TN1G01/70 Equipment Shopping 177,030.00
CSE - 10 kVA Online UPS ../TN/TN1G01/39 Equipment Shopping 265,335.00
CSE - 20kVA online UPS ../TN/TN1G01/38 Equipment Shopping 359,730.00
CSE - Bluetooth Technology Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/36 Equipment Shopping 74,340.00
CSE - Data Communication Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/29 Equipment Shopping 48,300.00
CSE - Desktop Computers - 25 numbers ../TN/TN1G01/125 Equipment Direct Contract 836,063.00
CSE - Digital logic Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/44 Equipment Shopping 117,600.00
CSE - Digital Multifunctional Copier ../TN/TN1G01/46 Equipment Shopping 269,010.00
CSE - IBM Rational Rose with 30 user ../TN/TN1G01/124 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 302,695.00
CSE - Mobile Telephony Communication System ../TN/TN1G01/32 Equipment Shopping 109,200.00
CSE - Network Simulation & Learning Resource Software ../TN/TN1G01/80 Books & Learning Resources Shopping 52,290.00
CSE - Portable LCD Projector ../TN/TN1G01/48 Equipment Shopping 428,914.00
CSE - RFID Training Kit ../TN/TN1G01/35 Equipment Shopping 60,900.00
CSE - Split Type AC ../TN/TN1G01/47 Equipment Shopping 209,535.00
CSE - System Bus and Protocol Analyser Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/30 Equipment Shopping 72,450.00
CSE - Telephone Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/31 Equipment Shopping 8,453.00
CSE - Zigbee Technology Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/34 Equipment Shopping 86,100.00
CSE- CDMA Mobile Communication Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/33 Equipment Shopping 85,050.00
CSE- GPS Technology Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/37 Equipment Shopping 49,350.00
CSE- Interactive Board ../TN/TN1G01/49 Equipment Shopping 194,970.00
ECE - 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope - 15 nos. ../TN/TN1G01/126 Equipment Direct Contract 806,400.00
ECE - 200 MHz, 2 channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope - 10 Nos. ../TN/TN1G01/127 Equipment Direct Contract 961,800.00
ECE - Analog Electronics Lab - Workbench for analog Electronics Learning ../TN/TN1G01/28 Equipment Shopping 995,400.00
ECE - Microwave Antenna Trainer, Antenna Trainer kit and RF Antenna Trainer Kit ../TN/TN1G01/19 Equipment Shopping 999,810.00
ECE - Satellite Communication Trainer, Doppler Radar Training System, Transmission line Trainer and Microwave Power Meter ../TN/TN1G01/17 Equipment Shopping 997,437.00
ECE - S-Band Microwave integrated training system, Vector Network Analyser Trainer and DS-Spread spectrum communication Trainer ../TN/TN1G01/18 Equipment Shopping 999,180.00
ECE - Software defined radio for open architecture based Radio Development System ../TN/TN1G01/27 Equipment Shopping 835,001.00
ECE - Splicing Machine & OTDR ../TN/TN1G01/26 Equipment Shopping 915,000.00
ECE -EMI, EMC Training system with LISN and TEM Cell ../TN/TN1G01/20 Equipment Shopping 997,395.00
EEE - Power Elctronics Lab - Self-Commutated Static Converter Drives ../TN/TN1G01/10 Equipment Shopping 996,345.00
EEE - Power Electronics - Static Converter Drive for DC Motors ../TN/TN1G01/11 Equipment Shopping 999,075.00
EEE - Power Quality and Energy Analyzer ../TN/TN1G01/133 Equipment Direct Contract 422,000.00
EEE - Renewable energy Resources - Dynamic Grid Fault Simulator ../TN/TN1G01/15 Equipment Shopping 997,206.00
EEE - Renewable Energy Resources - Machine Test Bench Equipment set for Servo-drive/Braking system with Servo-Machine test bench for 1 KW machines ../TN/TN1G01/16 Equipment Shopping 997,490.00
EEE - Renewable Energy Resources - Solar Altitude Emulator with integrated S/W ../TN/TN1G01/13 Equipment Shopping 995,873.00
EEE - Renewable Energy Resources - Solar Module Simulation Model with integrated software ../TN/TN1G01/12 Equipment Shopping 999,495.00
EEE - Renewable Energy Resources - Wind Turbine Double-Fed Asynchronous Generator Control Unit ../TN/TN1G01/14 Equipment Shopping 999,180.00
EEE- Power Electronics Lab - Line Commutated Current Converter circuits for Universal Motor Control Unit ../TN/TN1G01/9 Equipment Shopping 998,550.00
EEE-10KVA UPS ../TN/TN1G01/151 Equipment Direct Contract 971,820.00
EEE-Digital Insulation Tester-5KV ../TN/TN1G01/148 Equipment Direct Contract 150,735.00
GCEB - 1.5 ton split Air Conditioners - 25 Nos. ../TN/TN1G01/128 Equipment Direct Contract 991,529.00
GCEB - Desktop Computers - i5 - 25 Nos. ../TN/TN1G01/130 Equipment Direct Contract 965,685.00
GCEB - Full Perforated Writing Pad Seater ../TN/TN1G01/75 Furniture Shopping 526,700.00
GCEB - LCD Projectors (Wireless) - 14 Nos. ../TN/TN1G01/129 Equipment Direct Contract 865,620.00
GCEB - Modular workstation supporter ../TN/TN1G01/71 Furniture Shopping 799,004.00
GCEB - Printer Catridge ../TN/TN1G01/92 Minor Items Direct Contract 24,856.00
GCEB - Printer Catridge ../TN/TN1G01/102 Minor Items Direct Contract 24,995.00
GCEB - Printer catridge ../TN/TN1G01/104 Minor Items Direct Contract 24,675.00
GCEB- 14Mbps Internet Leased Line ../TN/TN1G01/152 Equipment Shopping 1,000,000.00
GCEB- Steel Cup Board ../TN/TN1G01/76 Furniture Shopping 219,600.00
GCEB-Campus wide networking with Wi-Fi ../TN/TN1G01/139 Equipment NCB 9,701,457.00
GCEB-Dual Desks ../TN/TN1G01/74 Furniture Shopping 605,000.00
Mech - ABACUS analysis Software Package for 20 users ../TN/TN1G01/78 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 747,995.00
Mech - Thermal Lab - Exhaust Gas Analyser ../TN/TN1G01/8 Equipment Shopping 566,775.00
Mech - Thermal Lab - Smoke Meter ../TN/TN1G01/7 Equipment Shopping 558,760.00
Mech-Adams ../TN/TN1G01/138 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 956,101.00
Mech-CATIA ../TN/TN1G01/136 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 958,122.00
Mech-Delmia ../TN/TN1G01/137 Books & Learning Resources Direct Contract 955,557.00
Mech-PLC based electro hydralic trainer kit ../TN/TN1G01/142 Equipment Shopping 950,250.00
Mech-Tribology lab ../TN/TN1G01/143 Equipment Shopping 986,265.00
Mech - CAM Lab - CNC Milling Machine ../TN/TN1G01/2 Goods Received Note & Payments NCB 1,944,627.00
TOTAL       50,544,455.00
  • CIVIL - Fully Automatic Compression Testing Mc

  • CIVIL - Direct Sheer Apparatus

  • CIVIL SM Lab 1

  • CIVIL Strength of Materials Lab

  • CSE - 10 KVA UPS 1

  • CIVIL - PROFOMETER 5+ Rebar Deduction System

  • Mech - Gas Analyser

  • Mech - Smoke Meter, Consultancy Log

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