There are two separate hostels for boys and girls offering a residential accommodation for 800 students. The hostel is outfitted with unique rooms with all amenities attached with it. Also well-equipped sports facilities afford a woken mind for amusement, with gymnasium gifting students a physique life. Each hostel provides a peaceful environment for students to carry out their academic and co-curricular activities.


1. One Time Fees at the time of admission Rs. 3200 /-
(Admission Rs. 200/- + Mess Deposit Rs. 3000/-)

2. Payable at every year Rs. 4850/-
Establishment charges Rs. 2750/-
Security charges Rs. 900/-
Amenity charges Rs. 300/-
Block maintenance charges Rs. 200/-
Water charges Rs. 250/-
Room rent Rs. 200/-
Electricity charges Rs. 250/-
Total Rs.4850/-

3. Extra charges
a. Personal Computer Rs. 500/- year
b. Security charges Rs. 500/- year
c. Amenity charges Rs. 500/- year

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